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So I decided to start this blog to post small hints and tips that I found while playing Wizard101. I also wanted a place to post some of the helps for the FreeKIGames.com trivia because some of those answers are really hard to find.

If you don’t know about the FreeKIGames.com games, then I guess that’s my first tip. This is a great site to play additional Kings Isle content. There are games where you can train your pets, ones where you can win codes to use in Wizard101 and there’s the trivia.

You can earn crowns by doing the trivia on the FreeKIGames.com website. Each quiz consists of 12 questions and you have to get 10 right to pass. You get 10 crowns for each quiz you pass and can take up to 10 quizzes per day for a total max of 100 crowns per day per account. If you are diligent this can really add up quickly.

Earn 100 Crowns a day at FreeKIGames.com

The quizzes have color coded difficulty ratings. From easiest to “yeah, right, I don’t think these are real questions” it’s blue, green, yellow, orange and then red. I tend to stick to mostly blue and green with only a few yellow and red. You don’t get extra points for doing the harder quizzes and you can only do 10 a day, so why risk not getting your crowns just to do a harder quiz?

I have a couple of accounts that rarely get used so I am able to try out the quizzes on those before I get to the ones that are actually being used. That way I don’t feel bad if I miss too many on those first couple tries. Sometimes I am not able to find the answers in google and just have to go by eliminating the choices one by one, so it takes a couple of days to have a list of all the correct answers. Which I will share with you so you too can do some of the harder ones.