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Print Screen

So awhile ago KI added the ability to take really quick Print Screens of your wizard. If you use the short cut CTRL-G before you hit the Print Screen button on your keyboard it will clear out all of the extraneous stuff on the screen.

Here’s my storm taking a selfie with Professor Burble in Wysteria.

Picture 2018-06-21 16-56-21


This is what the picture would have looked like if I hadn’t pressed CTRL-G…

Picture 2018-06-21 17-01-58

When you press Print Screen it normally tells you where it stored the jpeg except when you have the CTRL-G active (press it again to deactivate it) you don’t see the screen text. The save location is in your Documents in a folder called Wizard101. They are saved by date and time so the newest will be at the bottom.