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Baseball Trivia

The Baseball Trivia is under the Fun heading and is Blue (easy). It’s basic baseball, mostly about the rules of the game. I’ve underlined the answers to the question in this instance.

  1. A batter uses a Bat to hit the ball.
  2. A pitch thrown outside the strike zone is a Ball.
  3. The Player that throws to the catcher is a Pitcher.
  4. The Player that faces their teammates is a Catcher.
  5. A batted ball tapped slowly is a Bunt.
  6. Bases loaded is 3 Base Runners on 3 Bases.
  7. 3 Strikes to get out.
  8. Batter does not swing at a pitch outside of the Strike zone is not a strike.
  9. Annual Championship is World Series.
  10. The Shortstop stands Between second base and third base.
  11. The player not in the outfield is the Shortstop.
  12. A batter walks if a pitcher throws 4 balls.
  13. There are 9 defensive players on the field.
  14. There are 9 innings.
  15. A Baseball is White and Red.
  16. The team players and coaches sit in the Dugout.
  17. The team that scores the most runs wins the game.
  18. A Screwgie is not a name for a curveball.
  19. A base runner who runs to the next base has Stolen a base.
  20. The field is Diamond shaped.