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English Puctuation Trivia

This is another easy one (Blue) in the Educational list. I’ve done this one 30 times and haven’t found any other questions then this 16.

  • Apostrophe
    • Show ownership or possession
    • The horse’s tail is so pretty.
    • I can’t do it, because it is too hard.
  • Comma
    • Megan, who lives next door, loves dogs.
    • I love to play video games, but they are hard.
    • Before you begin, let us learn to play.
    • January 1st, 2014.
  • Exclamation mark
    • Excitement
    • not for Boredom
  • Period
    • Goes at the end of a sentence
    • Abreviate words
    • Three in a row is an Ellipses
  • Semicolon
    • Join two connected sentences
    • I set out on a quest; the enemies looked fierce.
  • Quotation Marks
    • Show speech
    • Sally said, “It’s time to cook dinner.”